Video links: JavaScript in Various Browsers

Heer some videos about modern JavaScript engines and how to optimize JavaScript code.

  • Shashwat Agarwal – JavaScript Engines – SpiderMonkey vs V8
    “Shashwat Agarwal compares the SpiderMonkey and V8 JavaScript engines at JSFoo 2012, a JavaScript conference by HasGeek.” (text form Page)
  • Building High-Performing JavaScript for Modern Engines
    “You’ve probably heard about the radical gains in JavaScript performance in the latest crop of Internet browsers. In this talk, we’ll discuss the key insights and optimizations implemented in browser JavaScript engines, such as Chakra in Internet Explorer 10 or V8 in Chrome. More importantly, we’ll explore best practices for taking advantage of these optimizations in your code and learn how to pinpoint JavaScript performance problems using appropriate tools. Throughout the presentation, we’ll cover tips, tricks, and tools for developing fast applications with JavaScript.” (text form Page)
  • Google I/O 2012 – Breaking the JavaScript Speed Limit with V8
    “Are you are interested in making JavaScript run blazingly fast in Chrome? This talk takes a look under the hood in V8 to help you identify how to optimize your JavaScript code. We’ll show you how to leverage V8’s sampling profiler to eliminate performance bottlenecks and optimize JavaScript programs, and we’ll expose how V8 uses hidden classes and runtime type feedback to generate efficient JIT code.

    Attendees will leave the session with solid optimization guidelines for their JavaScript app and a good understanding on how to best use performance tools and JavaScript idioms to maximize the performance of their application with V8.” (text form Page)

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